About Us

My Beauty Bunny (SM) is THE award-winning, number one, cruelty free beauty blog. We're here to help you find the best hair, skin, makeup and other beauty products NOT tested on animals!

My Beauty Bunny (SM) is a an award-winning, Los Angeles based top beauty blog written by Jen Mathews and a selection of writers and other beauty product aficionados — all animal lovers. My Beauty Bunny writes about cruelty-free beauty products for guys and gals who can’t get enough hair, skin, makeup and other beauty products not tested on animals. Started in April 2009, My Beauty Bunny has become a huge hit with women (and men) who love beauty products and wish to purchase cruelty free beauty brands.

We're so excited to launch our new cruelty free AND vegan signature product - the My Beauty Bunny Cruelty Free All Natural AHA Facial Moisturizer!